Application of agriculture 4.0 to agricultural production in the Mekong Delta

Currently, the Mekong Delta has 3 products: rice, shrimp and pangasius which are the three products that contribute significantly to the national export turnover with over US $ 1 billion per year. From these advantages, agriculture in the Mekong Delta has been getting much attention from scientists, experts and many businesses and large corporations participating in investment.

It can be seen that at present, agricultural products are increasingly demanding high quality requirements, pressure to reduce production costs in the context of climate change, causing Vietnam's agriculture to adapt. One of the important solutions is to develop high-tech agriculture, transfer modern technological advances, and apply the achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 into agriculture. Thereby contributing to restructuring the agricultural sector towards increasing added value, sustainable development ...

New technology application models have brought about high economic efficiency in agriculture.
(Photo: NS)

According to agricultural experts, the agricultural achievements of the Mekong Delta have made a great contribution from the application of science and technology in production. After many years of implementing the Resolution of the 7th plenum of the Party Central Committee on agriculture, farmers, rural areas, science and technology, there has been a new development step to increase production and contribute over 30% of added value of agricultural production.

The application of scientific and technological advances in the Mekong Delta has had a very strong and widespread impact on production, attracting many large enterprises to participate in the value chains of key products in order to increase productivity, quality, ensure product output, improve production efficiency, make an important contribution to socio-economic development of localities.

Recently, the policy system on science and technology continues to be completed. This is a favorable condition for agriculture in the Mekong Delta to develop in the direction of integration, improving growth quality, competitiveness and creating a favorable legal environment for businesses in the process of production and business. technology transfer, transfer and innovation. In fact, agriculture 4.0 will change the way farms, businesses and households are managed. From production, processing, consumption to consumption, digital applications can be applied to minimize direct labor, save input materials, lower product costs, ensure food safety, and reduce drought. environmental pollution.

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Van Sanh, Director of Mekong Delta Development Research Institute said that in recent years, the State has always paid attention, timely guidance and supported the agricultural sector with determination. innovating thinking, opening markets and accepting competition, strengthening capacity in management, production and business management. However, to be able to compete internationally in the global value chain, the transition to agriculture 4.0 is considered a must in the current period.

Dragon fruit of Long An is applied with Blokchain technology
in traceability for export (Image: NS)

It can be seen that agriculture 4.0 is an inevitable trend and is the choice of many countries today. Particularly for Vietnam, based on climatic conditions, specific products, infrastructure for agriculture, labor qualifications ... should choose appropriate models and technologies to bring maximum economic efficiency. the best. The trend of technology development 4.0 is an opportunity as well as a challenge for key products and smallholder farmer livelihoods.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Deputy Director of Dong Thap Department of Science and Technology, commented that high-tech applications used in agriculture of developed countries have been done for a long time, but want to apply them to real production. Made in Vietnam is not easy. Because our country's agricultural production is mainly small and fragmented. Therefore, the involvement of many related industries is required.

According to Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh, the Ministry was assigned to act as a focal point to assist localities in accessing technology 4.0 and in essence the application of science and technology to production in the Mekong Delta. Long does not only follow the movement but must go into the realm and promote the feasibility. In order to form a chain of production of key regional products, the role of leading enterprises is very important. The value chain of key products in the Mekong Delta also needs to be repositioned, linked to the planning of material areas, forming production organization models to deploy the application of science and technology. synchronized.

Therefore, economists said that in order to support the application of agriculture 4.0 in agricultural production in the Mekong Delta, it is necessary to have a synchronous development of e-commerce and non-warehouse trade. yards to reduce production costs ... In terms of policies, the State needs a long-term strategy, visualizing the picture of Vietnam's agriculture in 2030, 2050 and 2100 to have a plan and a roadmap for investment. specific, clear to bring the highest efficiency. At the same time, the ability to absorb key technologies must be enhanced and acceleration efforts to catch up. In particular, focusing on contents such as improving labor costs, focusing on commodity products, targeting domestic and regional markets, and expanding trade agreements in the region./. .